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Behavior Analysis Metrics and Applications for the Preservation & Reunification of Families (Brandon F. Greene, Ph.D. 2021).  This text is an unparalleled account of 30+years serving families with a history of child maltreatment.  It introduces a new capacity to assess Critical Family Periods -- times during which demands for child care and supervision are most challenging, but oppportunities for family enrichment are greatest.  Chapters describe the development and application of a battery of metrics that quantify the physical and social conditions in the home (e.g., environmental neglect; interactions among family members). It includes studies of cases where children have been placed out of the home and illustrates the details involved in designing a reasonable effort  to effect reunification while allowing for the possibility of a controlled failure when reunification is not possible.

Behavioral Metrics & Applications for Preservation & Reunification of Families

  • "Greene's first hand knowledge and evidence driven solutions make the system work for clients and the system itself.  A must read for administrators and workers".  Paul Brinker, MSW - School of Social Work, Southern Illinois University.

    "...a treasure of examples involving research driven solutions for complex cases.  I recommend the book to practitioners and professionals in child welfare.  Bruce Thyer, Ph.D., LCSW, BCBA-D, Distinguished Research Professor of Social Work, Florida State IUniversity and Editor of Research on Social Work Practice.

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